Master’s thesis | Communication Design


Guide to accessible graphic design

Einfach 6

Verena Müller won a Red Dot Design Award 2020 for her Master’s thesis "Simple. Guide to accessible graphic design".

While we can read and filter graphically prepared content almost subconsciously, others fail to decode it. Although all people have the same right to consume information, the topic of accessibility has not yet become established in classical graphic design processes.

So how can cognitive barriers in the design of information be broken down in such a way that the end product is equally informative and appealing for people with and without cognitive impairment?

By strongly addressing the needs and motivations of people with and without cognitive impairment, a guideline has been developed which is intended to help both designers and non-typographers to develop visually appealing and at the same time accessible print products. The master’s thesis itself has been implemented barrier-free on the basis of the gained knowledge and is intended to show the feasibility and functionality of the developed strategy. Each chapter is summarized in simple language. The high demands placed on the readability and simplicity of barrier-free information benefit not only disabled persons but also many other people.