Star Bread


Childhood obesity is a problem that stems in part from the consumption of unhealthy foodstuffs. That’s why a Health Perception Lab (HPL) project is attempting to develop a special type of bread which meets the approval of both children and nutrition experts.

One of the main causes for the development of obesity is presumed to be the consumption of foodstuffs rich in sugar, fat and salt, but lacking sufficient fibre. Often it is just such products whose appearance is particularly attractive to children.

This is where the “Star Bread” project comes in, developing a wholemeal spelt loaf baked in the shape of a star and coloured yellow with turmeric. Repeated series of tests have investigated the suitability of various raising agents (sourdough and/or yeast), colourings, shapes, recipes and spices. The Dietetics and Nutrition and the Sustainable Food Management programmes joined forces to develop a product which children should enjoy, and at the same time complies with nutritional recommendations.


The next phase of the project is to work on improving the shape and recipe so that star bread can eventually be produced and sold by commercial bakeries.