Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

The banana in pop culture

Bananas are the most popular fruit

Form, Farbe, Fleisch 7

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world. But not only its taste is convincing. The banana is often used as a stylistic element in a variety of media. Whether in film, television, art or music: bananas are present everywhere. Due to its shape, the banana is often used visually as a sexual object. The most famous artist who used this shape frequently was Andy Warhol.

At the same time, the fruit is a symbol for fun, exuberance and arbitrariness. One reason is arguably the positive yellow colouring. However, bananas are far more than visually appealing gap fillers. Their superficial simplicity conceals complex stories that have left their mark on the world and are still having an influence. The thesis is an exploration of the representation of the banana in different media. The focus is on the backgrounds of the use. With the help of two expert interviews and a survey, an attempt is made to decipher the fascination of bananas and to understand why and how they are used.