Master's Thesis | Communication Design

The same in green. Communicating sustainable brands

The same in green. Communicating sustainable brands 2

Increasing environmental problems require changes and drive the further development of green products. Customers are more and more interested in alternatives and are becoming aware of the need for environmental protection. This is the reason for why the trend of more sustainability and green economy continues. Brands and the advertising industry benefit from this huge potential. Green brands precisely address these customers and strive to harmonize ecological, social, and economic values.

How can these properties be effectively developed and conveyed to meet the expectations of conscious consumers? The author of this master’s thesis deals with sustainable brand communication and conveying messages and analyses how green businesses come across as effective and convincing. References are made to brand sociology and advertising psychology. In order to gain the necessary understanding, brand is defined as a term. Subsequently, digital brand appearances on Instagram are examined to show how content based on green values can be presented visually.