Master's Thesis | Media Design

Time for Pleasure

Deceleration in Visual Communication

Vorlage CMS Master (Copy) 13

The principle of the present age is to achieve more in less time. However, the continuing pursuit of acceleration is not a new phenomenon. For centuries we have been increasing the speed, for example in transportation and communications. In order to temporarily escape the rapid acceleration and to live more consciously so-called slow movements arose.

This master’s thesis tries to find out how deceleration can be conveyed in a contemporary way, visually and in terms of content. The works of philosopher Paul Virilio and sociologist Hartmut Rosa serve as a basis. Furthermore, deceleration is described as a reaction to increasing speed. Particularly, slow design and the conscious handling of time are discussed in more detail. Finally, an online communication campaign consisting of videos and photos was realized for Piccantino, an online retailer selling spices and herbs. According to the motto “Time for Pleasure” the campaign aims to communicate und visualize the conscious enjoyment (not only) of food.