Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design


A design concept based on a system of forms


Mankind is guided and influenced by one specific element: culture. Although culture is ubiquitous, it is most of the time only perceived subconsciously. Only when different cultures come together, differences become perceptible, which sometimes creates tension. One of a culture’s most significant elements is communication. However, language can also create barriers, which might impede intercultural interaction.

This thesis thus deals with a way in which a modern design concept connects cultures on a purely visual basis in order to break down cultural barriers. The design concept is based on a system of forms, which is comprised of a defined number of trivial forms as the basis for visual communication. The focus of this thesis is clearly on creating and explaining the system of forms. The system’s functionality and flexibility are demonstrated by means of illustrating ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Greek cultures. Moreover, it is demonstrated that a modern design concept can help bridge the gap between two cultures.