Master's Thesis

Views of China

Red Dot Design Award for Christian Leban

Red Dot Design Award für Christian Leban

When you enter a new country as a stranger, you always have a certain picture in your mind about that specific part of the world. This is especially the case with China. What about the preconcepted pictures is true and what is it really like to live in a Chinese city with 24 million inhabitants? What are the problems and the challenges? Immerse yourself in a strange world.

This Master's thesis in Communication Design has brought to light beautiful aspects, but also points of conflict. China, a country so multi-faceted that even if you were to dedicate your entire life to the study of its society and culture, you would still die in ignorance. Therefore, this thesis can give at least a small insight into this world and also the history of animation. The preferred method of processing unique experiences as well as research is the loop. Eleven hand-drawn, animated loops describe the China that the author has experienced. Without a beginning and without an end, they provide a total immersion in another world.

Christian Leban - Views of China

Text & Photography: Christian Leban