Automotive Testing Lab

Additional equipment

Automotive Testing Lab 8

The instruments listed above constitute the standard equipment for each test bed. Other optional mobile testing devices are also available to supplement the test bed equipment as needed. They include the following measurement instruments:

  • DEWE 516
  • DEWE3-RM16 multifunctional measuring system, acquired in late 2021**

The freely configurable measuring system can be used in a wide range of applications. These include simple temperature measurements as well as highly dynamic electrical and mechanical performance measurements which are used to precisely determine the efficiency of drivetrain components or NVH measurements. Communication with the test beds and/or vehicles is via CAN Bus. A camera system can be incorporated to visualise the testing procedure.

The following channels can be recorded synchronously.

Highly dynamic electrical power measurement and independent voltage and current measurement

  • 8-channel current measurement with zero flux transducers up to 1000 Arms
  • 8 channels for high voltage measurement up to 1000 Vrms (±2000 Vpeak), galvanically isolated
  • Sampling rate per channel 10 MS/s
  • Bandwidth from 0 to 5 MHz (anti-aliasing filter)
  • Resolution 18 bit

3 additional current probes for measurement of auxiliaries

  • Max. 500 A (720 Apeak)

24 galvanically isolated and freely configurable input channels with a sampling rate of up to 2 MS/s and 24-bit resolution. The bandwidth ranges from 0 to 2 MHz and can be adjusted via freely programmable high-pass and low-pass filters.

  • Voltage up to ±100 V
  • Quarter, half and full bridges up to 1000 mV/V
  • Acceleration and noise level according to IEPE standard up to max. ±10 V
  • RTD up to max. Pt2000
  • Resistance up to 30 kΩ
  • Optional: 3 channels for high-speed CAN (1)
  • Optional:1 6 channels for counter (1)

(1) reduces the number of channels by the number of options selected

4 high-speed CAN channels

  • Connection via 9-pole D-SUB connector
  • Freely programmable termination
  • +5 V and +12 V supply
  • Isolation up to 500 VDC

8 digital I/O channels

  • 2 additional TTL counters, e.g. for encoder measurements or connection of torque sensors with frequency output

GPS measurement, optional for mobile applications

  • GPS receiver 100 Hz
  • For determining position, velocity, path etc.

16 channels for high-precision temperature measurement using thermocouples

  • Resolution 24 bit
  • Simultaneous measurement at max. 12 MS/s
  • For type K sensors

1 camera for image acquisition

  • Resolution 640 x 480 pixels at a recording speed of 120 FPS
Horizontal balancing machine