Automotive Testing Lab

Infrastructure & Test Beds

A focus on service quality

Infrastruktur & Prüfstände 4

ISO 17025 specifications ensure adherence to high quality standards and regular maintenance and calibration. This also has a positive impact on the processes not covered by the accreditation.

The building complex of the Institute of Automotive Engineering, located at Alte Poststrasse 150, is divided into three sections: Section A houses various laboratories which are used for lectures and research projects. The workshop and vehicle hall (including a driving simulator) located in section B are used for research and teaching and are also available to the FH JOANNEUM Formula Student Racing Team. Section C houses various test cells and is only accessible for accredited persons.

The following test beds are offered to our researchers, partners and clients:

  • Chassis dynamometer: Emission measurements, power consumption measurements
  • PEMS – Portable Emission Measurement System: Mobile system for emission measurements in road traffic
  • SHED system: Evaporative emission measurements
  • Drivetrain test beds:
    • E-DRIVE 90: Battery emulator K&S
    • E-DRIVE 360: AVL Lab
    • 2M and 3M transmission test beds
  • Engine test beds North / South
  • Tilting bed
  • Climate chamber
  • Acoustics laboratory
  • Optional additional equipment:
    • Dewetron measurement instruments
    • Material and tensile testing machine
    • Horizontal balancing machine
    • CNC turning lathe
    • CNC milling machine
    • 2 vehicle lifts

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