Automotive Testing Lab

Butane loading station


The butane loading station is used for the artificial loading (= filling) of an activated carbon canister (ACC). The ACC prevents the tank venting system from emitting hydrocarbons. Statutory tests require a fully loaded ACC which must be almost completely drained during the prescribed conditioning drive cycles on the dynamometer so that it can then absorb emissions from the tank in the subsequent (hot) soak test.

Some statutory requirements also specify a so-called ageing of the ACC. This is achieved through the repeated loading and subsequent purging of the ACC.

Services [

  • Carbon canister (ACC) loading: mixture of butane and nitrogen, ratio freely selectable, on weighing scale (0.1g accuracy)
  • Reference filter on weighing scale (0.1g accuracy) for breakthrough monitoring
  • Purging of carbon canisters (ACC) with compressed air
  • Ageing and loading of carbon canisters with butane


  • Manufacturer: SIGA GS-306D-020 ACC purging and loading station
  • Automation system: KS Tornado
  • Profibus connection to control computer of SHED chamber for data transfer
  • Year of acquisition: 2014