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Automotive Testing Lab

Engine test beds

Motorprüfstande 1

Engine test beds are used to measure the combustion engine independently of other vehicle components. It is pre-assembled on a pallet system in the workshop and finally assembled on the test bed. The dynamometer is an asynchronous motor and can be used in 4 quadrant operation. That means it is possible to tow-start engines, or to measure their internal friction. The test bed is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring technology.

  • Mechanical development of engine prototypes
  • Engine development and calibration of the engine control unit (ECU) in terms of exhaust emissions
  • Continuous testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop applications for various requirements
  • Road load simulation with virtual driver
Engine Test Bed North
  • Automation system: PUMA OPEN
  • 220 kW
  • 10,000 rpm
  • Emission analysis system: 3 lines (pre- and post-catalyst, EGR)
  • Other: Fuel scale, air mass meter, opacimeter, smokemeter, temperature, pressure, speed, torque
  • Control: Road load and shift simulation, Virtual driver
Engine Test Bed South
  • Automation system: Tornado
  • 345 kW
  • 10,000 rpm
  • Emission analysis system: 2 lines (raw exhaust gas [2 sampling points, switchable], EGR)
  • Other: Smokemeter, fuel scale, temperature, pressure, speed, torque
  • Control: HIL-capable, Road load and shift simulation
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