Automotive Testing Lab

Tilting bed

Automotive Testing Lab 3

The tilting bed features a 1M configuration with an asynchronous machine as a dynamometer with a nominal output of 200 kW at up to 10,000 rpm. The test bed is used to examine everything from small components such as roller bearings to complete strip-down tests on entire engines, as well as friction testing. As the name suggests, the table can also be tilted to a maximum of 45°. It allows measurements to be taken in which the test object, such as a gearbox, operates at a specific incline. This is used to examine lubrication and oil aeration (FEV measurement instrument) in extreme situations. The tilting bed has an exhaust gas extractor and can also be modified for use as an engine test bed.

**Services **

  • Friction tests on engines and components
  • Strip-down tests
  • Lubrication tests
  • Can also be used as an engine test bed


  • 200 kW
  • 10,000 rpm
  • HBM T10F +/-500 Nm
  • HBM T12HP +/-100 Nm
  • Fuel scale (conditioned)
  • Automation system: Tornado Version 3.3
  • Flow meter (Emerson)
  • Conditioning of oil and water
  • FEV aerometer for measuring oil aeration