Fields of Expertise

Information Design in Media and Interaction Spaces


We offer our expertise in visual communications, exhibition design and responsive environments. Our focus remains on the user, the public, and on creating a tangible experience.

Our research activities explore the interface between people and (technical) devices used to convey information. Therefore the following topics are of particular interest: information visualisation, with a particular focus on cultural content and cultural heritage, as well as interaction design and interface design, with special emphasis on multi-sensory interfaces and responsive environments.

We undertake basic research in these thematic fields, as well as developing curricular concepts and offering design services. The focus of our research lies in developing design and technological competences – designing and creating corporate identities, promotional videos, communication strategies, interactive installations and scenographic environments.

As well as exhibitions in museums and elsewhere, we also design interventions in public spaces, immersive experiences, roadshows and trade show presentations. Our remit ranges from cultural historic and scientific exhibitions to designing art exhibitions.

Users are integrated into the narrative through the medium of visual communication, the mediatisation of objects in space, and the use of scenographic approaches. In all our activities we use assessment tools in a targeted manner as a means of determining the status quo. We explore the possibilities by involving all user groups at an early stage in the process, examine the opportunities for actively shaping environments, and accompany and support the subsequent design process.