Fields of Expertise

Development and Evaluation of Evidence-Based Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures


Interdisciplinary research enables innovative evidence-based diagnosis and therapy to be developed and evaluated taking into account physical, psychological and social influences. The focus lies in activity, functionality, nutrition and participation in a variety of settings.

The transdisciplinary research undertaken by the Department of Health Studies involves evaluating existing diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and developing new and innovative evidence-based approaches in a variety of settings. The core competence of the institutes lies in an interdisciplinary approach to complex topics in healthcare and nursing: the disciplines of biomedical science, dietetics and nutrition, occupational therapy, midwifery, logopedics, nursing, physiotherapy and radiography all cooperate closely to develop relevant products and programmes.

Research into the aetiology of obesity focuses on determining the predisposing factors and metabolic programming. A further focus lies in individual needs assessment and the sustainability of diagnosis and therapy in the interests of consumer research. The goal is to apply treatment strategies efficiently and effectively in cases of physical, psychological, social and functional disorders.