Fields of Expertise

Health Management and Public Health


The experts of the Institute of Health and Tourism Management develop, implement and evaluate health promotion, workplace health management and primary health care projects for the public sector, NGOs and SMEs. They are also involved in developing innovations in participatory health research, health impact assessment and in sports science.

Health is becoming an increasingly important social factor, and with it grows the need for evidence-based research. The team working in health management and public health offers scientific support and management for health projects, applying both quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition, participatory methods of working enable the project subjects and groups to be directly involved in the research process.

The applied research and development services cover both the design and evaluation of health promotion projects in various spheres of life and work, as well as the development and implementation of health promotion and preventative strategies, for example in spas and rehabilitation clinics.

A particular focus is on providing holistic training advice for competitive sport and health-related fitness which is offered in the Sport Science Laboratory. In accordance with the philosophy of cross-sectoral health research, other areas include health impact assessment, health reporting and workplace health management.