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Mathematics Warm-up

Mathematik Warm-up

The two-week FH JOANNEUM Mathematics Warm-up course takes place in the autumn of each year. The participants refresh their basic knowledge of mathematics in Graz and Kapfenberg and ensure they are ideally prepared to start their studies.


Recommended in particular for those beginning a technical degree programme at FH JOANNEUM who received the grade of ‘satisfactory’ or below in their school leaving certificate.

Facts on the Mathematics Warm-up

Place: FH JOANNEUM Graz or Kapfenberg
Duration: two weeks
Course times: information will be provided in advance
Cost: Participation is free of charge
Next start: mid-September 2024
Registration deadline: 02 September 2024
Course language: German

Registration for the Mathematics Warm-up:

Registration is possible until 02 September 2024 via the registration form.

Eligibility and registration

In order to attend, registration via the link and confirmation of a place on one of the following degree programmes is required:

  • Construction Design and Economics
  • Banking and Insurance Industry
  • eHealth
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Mechatronics
  • Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Business Informatics
  • Industrial Management
  • Aviation
  • Production Technology and Organisation
  • Software Design and Cloud Computing

The Mathematics Warm-up course takes place in September each year. The online registration link will be provided in advance.

Attendance and cost

Although there are no compulsory attendance times for the Mathematics Warm-up, we recommend that all sessions are attended. However attendance is voluntary and free of charge.

Course times and venue

The two-week Mathematics Warm-up course is offered both in Graz and in Kapfenberg.

For all degree programmes 40 evening sessions are involved. One session is 45 minutes long.

Learning content

The Mathematics Warm-up course covers the following topics:

  • Elementary set theory: basic definitions, representation of sets and number systems
  • Elementary arithmetic: basic arithmetic operations, fractions, percentages, powers and roots, sums and products, factorials and binomial coefficients
  • Solving equations and inequalities: linear equations, equations with fractions, equations with absolute values, quadratic equations, equations with square roots, linear inequalities, inequalities with fractions, inequalities with absolute values
  • Functions: straight line and parabola, polynomials, rational functions, root functions, e-function, logarithmic and trigonometric functions
  • Specific topics: logic, differential and integral calculus and vector analysis

Feedback from participants

“It is very helpful for those who haven’t done maths for a long time”.
“For first-year students who completed secondary school longer ago, it is a fantastic opportunity to refresh any forgotten topics!”
“Without the Mathematics Warm-up course, I wouldn’t have passed some of the exams because the pace during the lectures was much too fast for me”.
“A must for first-year students with an employment background!”