Electronic official signature


Publication of the figurative mark (official signature (according to § 19 Abs 3 E-GovG))

FH JOANNEUM uses the following figurative mark for documents officially signed electronically:

Electronic official signature

Pursuant to § 19 para 2 E-GovG, the official signature serves to facilitate the recognition of the origin of a document from an authority.

Pursuant to § 20 E-GovG, an electronic document printed on paper with an official signature has the probative force of a public document.

The documents officially produced by FH JOANNEUM in electronic form have the official signature according to the following example:

Official Signature of FH JOANNEUM

Verification of documents

Verification within the meaning of § 20 E-GovG is the confirmation that the document submitted actually originates from FH JOANNEUM.

For verification, send us the entire document (all pages) via one of the following methods:

  • By e-mail with scan as attachment to studycenter@fh-joanneum.at
  • By mail to Weiterbildung, Studienadministration und studienrechtliche Angelegenheiten, Alte Poststraße 147, 8020 Graz with the note "Signaturprüfung".
  • In person at the Study Center, Alte Poststraße 147, 8020 Graz

Note: A scan or copy of the document is sufficient.

The entire document will be checked, including whether its content has been changed.