Procurement of literature

ebook acquisition request

The ebook acquisition request form gives students of the FH JOANNEUM the opportunity to propose digital books for purchase. After checking whether a purchase proposal can be implemented. We will notify you as soon as possible.

Media order

We are still offering our media order service to provide access to our books with as little contact as possible. Please use this form to order items from our libraries.

If you need books from other FH JOANNEUM libraries (intra-campus loan) you may order these by placing an inter-library loan request (see below).


Students, staff and external lecturers of the FH JOANNEUM may also use our scan service. Please note: According to the right to make content publicly available for teaching and educational purposes (as expressed in §42g of the Austrian Copyright Act), you are free to share these scans with a restricted group e.g. through Moodle. This authorization does not apply to publications intended for use in classrooms or schools (textbooks). The digital copy may merely be used for research purposes or private and other personal use. Using it for pursuing commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Please use this form for your scan request. We can only provide scans of single chapters not of entire books. In our online-catalogue you can often find table of contents, otherwise we are happy to help.

Inter-library loan

If you need books which are not in your campus library collection, we can order them from other libraries:

  • either from another FH JOANNEUM library (inter-campus loan) – visit our online-catalogue and sign in. Click on request to order the item to your preferred library
  • or from another Austrian library or if requested even from abroad (inter-library loan) – due to a switch-over to a new library system requesting interlibrary loans is not possible at the moment
Document delivery service

You need a journal article not provided in print or online by FH JOANNEUM resources? In this case you can order the journal article via a document delivery service. We recommend Subito.
* It is cheaper for students to order items than for libraries. Therefore please make use of this service yourself. We would also like to refer our external users to Subito.
* Orders for FH JOANNEUM staff are processed and charged by us.
If the article you want is not available at Subito, we are happy to help with student requests. Please go to document delivery request.


You get further information in our video "document delivery".

Acquisition request

If students feel that a book or periodical that is currently not listed in our online catalogue would be a valuable addition to our library’s collection, they can submit a suggestion. New media are solely ordered on behalf of the degree programmes. Consequently, we have to check whether the suggested item can be ordered at their expense. We will notify you once your acquisition request is approved or refused.