About us:

FH JOANNEUM has launched its own publishing programme to support FH JOANNEUM staff in releasing their research findings. We place great value on electronic publishing in accordance with the Open Access principle in order to ensure optimal knowledge transfer.

What can we do for you?

  • We provide you with a model imprint (Impressum) in accordance with FH JOANNEUM’s corporate design.
  • We inform you about CC licences, which allow you to specify the legal conditions for using your publication.
  • We provide you with an ISBN or a DOI to uniquely identify your publication.
  • We offer a template for the book cover in the corporate design of FH JOANNEUM.
  • We list all publications in our online catalogue. In addition, we host your e-books on our publication server ePUB. All electronic publications are freely available (Open Access).
  • We will register your publication with the VLB (= directory of German books in print) so that potential customers can search for your publication.
  • We distribute the mandatory deposit copies in accordance with Secs. §§ 43 and 44 of the Media Act.
  • We forward to you any order requests for your publication.