Department of Management

International Hospitality and Spa Management


Participants in the postgraduate degree programme in International Hospitality and Spa Management are trained as management executives for the hotel and spa sector ready to meet the challenges of the ever-growing wellness trend. This unique programme focuses on both day-to-day management as well as on strategic management in the sense of long-term planning. The part-time structure of the programme enables participants to immediately put into practice what they have learned.

What you will learn:

Spa Management

In this module you'll focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic and operative goals especially aligned to the wellness and health tourism sector.

Hospitality Management

You'll acquire a broad understanding of the various different tasks involved in hotel management – in particular with regard to changing guest behaviour and relevant strategies for remaining competitive.

Strategic und Operative Management

You'll learn about basic economic principles with a focus on international controlling and quality management systems and thus become familiar with the decision-making criteria involved in day-to-day management. This also covers areas such as controlling, project and process management as well as corporate social responsibility.

International Management in Tourism

This module will introduce you to international business models and provide an insight into new marketing strategies such as e-tourism business or sales management in tourism.

International Law in Tourism

In this module you'll examine international legislation concerning matters such as freedom to provide services, hygiene standards as well as regulations relevant to the tourism sector such as employment law and social security for staff. You'll also learn about the special features inherent in drafting contracts.

Social Skills in International Management

You'll acquire important social leadership skills, for example, by reflecting on your role as a manager working in an international environment.

Project Work

You'll plan and develop your project with a particular reference to the tourism industry.

Case Studies and Business Planning

Participants work on case studies tailored to their professional fields. The main focus is on the management of projects and the development of business plans in the hotel sector and the wellness industry.

Programme 1

Did you know, …

… that lectures requiring mandatory attendance are held in two block weeks to make it compatible with full-time work?

The part-time programme also includes additional e-learning phases.

Programme 2

Did you know, …

… that participation in the programme offers unique insights into both hotel as well as spa management?

The interfaces and overlaps of these two sectors form a crucial part of the content provided by the programme.

Programme 3

Did you know, …

… that graduates of the MBA programme are qualified to run a spa as a profit centre of a tourism company and/or as an independent company (e.g. a day spa) at executive management level?

The necessary know-how is acquired in the specially designed course modules.

Programme 4

Did you know, …

… that members of the programme’s development team as well as lecturers are top international experts from the industry?

These include managers of leading national and international hotel chains as well as senior executives with extensive experience of the wellness industry.