Department of Media & Design

Media Competence and Digital Literacy

After Graduation


New career opportunities

The aim of the Media Competence and Digital Literacy course is to provide you with scientifically sound as also task-based knowledge about media and communication and to enable you to apply this knowledge in practice and to pass it on to others.

Graduates will have comprehensive media skills and digital knowledge in line with current social developments. You will also have specialist academic knowledge of all aspects of media, society and digital issues. Your knowledge and skills will include:

  • Expertise in the reception and evaluation of media and the organisation of information from the internet
  • Professional expertise in the production and distribution of your own media content
  • Creation and management of identities and networks online
  • Successful communication and collaboration within and outside your own network
  • Production and distribution of digital content
  • Evaluation, analysis and use of images and other visual materials in the context of different media and publics
  • Answering and communicating ethical and socially relevant questions associated with digital transformation
  • Continuous adaptation and expansion of your own level of knowledge in line with the ever changing world of media

As a graduate of this Master's course, your expertise will lie in professional fields related to education, culture and social work and you will be qualified to work in the following sectors:

  • Administration and organisation
  • Educational counselling
  • Education management
  • Didactics
  • Adult and continuing education
  • Youth counselling / management
  • Cultural management
  • Cultural mediation
  • Media / digital theory
  • Museum education
  • Public relations / online PR
  • Online communication
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • School and university education
  • Social counselling
  • Sociology
  • Social pedagogy
  • Social psychology
  • Corporate / organisational / political communication

Graduates of the course are also qualified for all professional fields from the core areas of media production, media critique and PR as well as all their sub-areas in social research, cultural and social sciences. Given the course's focus on areas related to networked and digital societies, you will be familiar with the changes in the broad field of internet research providing you with the expertise you need in this dynamic cutting-edge sector. You will be qualified to take on a pioneering role in such new disciplines as digital philosophy or social research in the online space.