Medienkompetenz und Digital Literacy
Department of Media & Design

Media Competence and Digital Literacy


The world of media has changed – thanks to our digital connections, each individual is able to create, disseminate and link information themselves. New skills have therefore become crucial. That's precisely what this postgraduate Master's course teaches you: Systematic assessment and organisation of information, media production and comprehensive networking are just some of the skills that will help you excel in the digitally connected world.

What you will learn:

Analysis, interpretation, reception

Design on the web

Visual communication

Networks & collaboration

Understanding the big picture

Sharing knowledge

Did you know, …

… that a degree and a job are easy to combine?

Attendance times limited to Fridays and Saturdays and the supplementary self-study and e-learning phases allow you to study for your degree while holding down your job.

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Did you know, …

… that you will be the first to find out about the latest developments from the world of digital media?

It is very important for us to always keep up to speed in this fast-paced information age.

Did you know, …

… that Media Competence and Digital Literacy allows you to move up the ladder in your own job?

The course will enable you to gain a foothold in the media and PR world and beyond. You can also use your newly acquired knowledge in other sectors, such as higher education or social pedagogy.

Did you know, …

… that you will meet the great minds of media development?

Thanks to our hand-picked selection of external speakers, you will get the latest news immediately and first-hand.

Did you know, …

… that we also teach you how to learn?

Personal development is a top priority at FH JOANNEUM. Continually analysing and optimising your own learning process together with lecturers and fellow students perfectly prepares you for learning in (professional) life.