Dott. Fred Georg Nunziata MSc

Fred Georg Nunziata develops, tests and verifies communication devices for security transation data.


Key data

Job description: RF System Engineer
Company: NXP Semiconductors
I work in: Gratkorn, Austria
I’ve worked here since 2014
My contact

What I do

I am a RF system engineer for NFC (near field communication) in the security mobile transaction unit of NXP semiconductors. My responsabilities are:

  • Research & Development
  • Validation and Verification of NFC chips for POS and smartphones

Why I love my job

It is a continous challenging job: I can develop, test and verify communication devices for security transation data where my company is worldwide market leader.

Important skills in my job

  • RF analog design
  • RF modeling
  • HW & SW debugging

The greatest success in my career to date

My contribute in the realization of the PN5180 NFC front end, the best NFC front end on the market. In one year and six month of experience I am co-inventor of two patents that are now the main new feature of the latest NFC devices of NXP: the Dynamic Power Control, which includes TX current regulation and TX envelope shaping control.

How I found my current job

After completion of my Master Thesis within a six months internship at Infinenon Technologies AG I did a job application at NXP. The subject of the Master Thesis is related to NFC devices.

What I learned for this job during my studies

The Master in „Advanced Electronic Engineering” provided me with all the anlog and digital design skills necessary to face and win all the challenges that my job requires. FH JOANNEUM doesn’t limit its role to teach just univeristy subjects, but provides a great introduction in the real job world as a single authonoumus professionist or as a member of a team.

Job prospects in my field

My job is related with „communication“ and „semicondictor industries“...I believe that there are almost unlimited number of job opportunities related to these two fields combined with each other!

I am

  • motivated
  • enthusiastic of my job field
  • a team player

About my job

My job responsabilites take place in very challening enviroment related to a very challenging and dynamic market like the market of mobiles and ambedded devices. My goal is to gain professionallity in this environtmet and to reach the top in the technical career path.

I think that the combination of communication , semiconductors technologies and security data transactions is an unreachable mix whithin people can create unlimited number of services, business and new devices. Let’s think at the „internet of things“ , how many opportunities are related to this concept? I would really reccomend students to look at this world, this is already the present and it is easy to imagine that it will be the future for long time.