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Banking and Insurance Management

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Key subject areas

International financial framework conditions

As part of the Master’s degree programme in Banking and Insurance Management, we will provide you with extensive relevant expertise in the banking and insurance sector. We will train you to become the decision-makers of the future in the finance sector. You will also learn about the international finance system and regulatory standards. Your awareness of responsible corporate management will enable you to engage in in-depth discussions of the individual aspects of banking and insurance management.

Management and leadership skills

We place particular importance on developing and furthering your methodological, social and leadership skills in several lectures. Your professional expertise in strategy, leadership and process and project management will allow you to complete managerial tasks in the banking and insurance industry in a targeted and efficient manner.

Scientific writing

Scientific thought processes and actions are important to us. It is essential that you learn how to apply and demonstrate your knowledge in an appropriate manner. You will develop your scientific skills further as part of the course. Your expertise in this area will be put to the test as part of your Master’s thesis.

What specialisations are available?

At the start of the course, you will decide whether to pursue the direction of Bank Management or Insurance Management from the second semester onward. During the third semester, this choice will influence the majority of the classes you will attend. The focus will be on conveying an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship of successful and value-oriented corporate management in banks and insurance companies.

Bank Management

In this specialisation we will provide you with an interlinked understanding of different banking companies based on accounting and quantitative financial management. The focus is on corporate management, sales management and an entrepreneurial approach to key product categories. You will also learn to handle interactions with private clients, the SME business and the specific details of corporate & investment banking.

Insurance Management

Specialising in Insurance Management will enable you to interlink your understanding of various insurance companies and types. The core focal points include integrated control, sales management and key products offered by insurance companies. You will further develop your knowledge of the specific features of life, health, indemnity and accident insurance so as to provide the ideal preparation for your subsequent work in the insurance industry.

Study mode, self-study and attendance

Study mode

The Master’s degree programme in Banking and Insurance Management is part-time. Each semester requires around 36 days of attendance. The classes at the university generally take place on Fridays from 15:00 to 22:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 20:00. A week-long attendance is also planned for each semester. 20% of lectures take the form of asynchronous e-learning units. These take place from Monday to Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00. We inform our students in plenty of time about the exact calendar week and any exceptions to the required attendance and e-learning periods.


The additional time invested in preparing for and following up on coursework and preparing for examinations is dependent on the commitment of each individual student.


Attendance is compulsory at all classes, in principle. In practice, you can miss 20 percent of units per semester and class. If you miss over 20 percent, your performance will be assessed as unsatisfactory and you will be disqualified from sitting the first examination. You will be excused if you provide a doctor’s note confirming that you were ill. Ultimately the head of degree programme decides on the consequences of non-attendance and exceptions to the compulsory attendance requirement.

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