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Graduate Katharina Feiertag is Managing Director of the eHealth company Quickticket GmbH in Graz.


Katharina Feiertag, BSc MSc, is a graduate of the bachelor and master program "eHealth" and managing director of Quickticket GmbH in Graz. The company was founded while she was still studying for her master's degree in 2021. The Quickticket GmbH specializes in the digitalization of various processes in patient care because many processes are characterized by inefficiency, where innovative software solutions provide remedy.

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Quickticket Team
Smart waiting management in healthcare facilities

The first solution that was launched by the company is the eponymous product Quickticket. Quickticket is the first smart waiting list management system for healthcare facilities that uses a machine learning algorithm and the creation of transparency to ensure optimal time management, including all walk-in patients, appointment patients and emergencies.

Quickticket provides the flexibility that is needed in healthcare. After all, in the daily routine of a practice or clinic, there are always urgent cases or emergencies that have to be given priority. And that's a good thing! But these delays affect the waiting times of other patients.

"How nice would it be if everyone knew when it was actually their turn?", wondered Katharina Feiertag and her business partners Jakov Gushchin and Armin Dax-Sinkovits in 2020.

Let's take a closer look at the process for patients: Through the smart waiting list management system, they can online find out the current waiting time on the day they need to see the doctor. But not only that, patients can also add their name to the practice's waiting list online and thus secure their place regardless of their location.

Track waiting times in real time on your smartphone

Furthermore, the patients receive an online ticket at this step, where in real time the expected start time of the treatment is displayed to them. Patients with appointments also receive this online ticket and thus also see in real time if there are any delays.

Of course, elderly people or people without smartphones also benefit from the advantages of Quickticket. This is because ticket withdrawal and placement on the waiting list is also possible on site through the Quickticket Kiosk. This system can be operated intuitively and can also be controlled by people with physical disabilities.

In the meantime, all patients can rest at home or attend to other errands - the waiting room remains almost empty, the stress in the practice is reduced and thus the well-being of all people involved can be increased.

This innovation is not the end of the story, the company is constantly developing new products to improve processes at healthcare provider and the patient journey.

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From which study content I can benefit enormously in my professional world today.

"At the beginning of my job, I was always at meetings where terms I had already heard (and learned) in my studies came up. Of course, I had to google this again to recall what I had learned, but today I am glad I did the degree program because it creates a great foundation for the professional ehealth world!

In my professional role as a managing director, I am the one who brings the product to the outside world daily. Whether in front of practice managers, physicians, or large IT companies in the DACH region, whose products are already prevalent in many practices. In addition to the ehealth competence that I learned in my studies, also soft skills matter. To be able to perform business tasks confidently and with authenticity today, the many small presentations in the lecture hall and in front of fellow students were formative! When it comes to presenting, practice makes perfect, and I really urge everyone to seize the opportunities. Because presentation skills are necessary everywhere in everyday professional life. A confident demeanor and clear expression can be the door opener to a lot of things."

Katharina Feiertag, BSc MSc