Kevin Theuermann and Florian Trebuch

Our semester at the University of Tromso in Norway.


We signed up to spend a semester abroad in Tromso, a small island high up in the north of Norway, full of unknown expectation and anticipation.

After a short time, we noticed that we had come to one of the most varied places in the world. Bright night skies through to continuous darkness, the breath-taking Northern Lights, pods of orcas and humpback whales, reindeer, husky-drawn sleds and much more. All of the things which make this small and inconspicuous island so unique.

The courses on offer at the University of Tromso, which is also the biggest employer in the town, are very diverse. Our semester studying ‘e-Health and Telemedicine’ focused primarily on electronic patient records, solutions in telemedicine and medical informatics. We gained valuable insight into a wide range of solutions to the problems of Norway’s healthcare sector, some of which are also applicable to Austria’s healthcare system. The organisation was well-supported on-site by the university, enabling us to focus our energies on our studies. Of course, there was no shortage of leisure activities either. The numerous Erasmus events allowed us to quickly get to know new people from various countries which is also what makes a semester abroad so special.

Apart from our studies, this stay abroad provided us with valuable experiences which have shaped our lives. We would recommend that any (eHealth) student should spend a semester abroad in Norway.