Bertram Winter BSc, MSc

In his job, Bertram Winter particularly values the new daily challenges and international exchange with experts.

Key data

What I do

I provide internal and external customers with technical support in the development of semiconductor sensor solutions. I am also responsible for evaluating innovative and novel software solutions in the field of computer aided design and train external customers in the development of products using ams semiconductor processes.

Why I love my job

I am confronted with new challenges every day and work with international experts across the world.

Important skills in my job

  • Team skills
  • Flexibility
  • Understanding of complex, technical problems

My biggest success so far

One of the highlights of the last few years was the implementation of an important customer project on-site in Texas. The extensive, cross-site collaboration and friendliness of colleagues across the world impressed me in particular. Giving presentations at conferences and exchanging experiences with experts from companies across Europe is also always exciting.

How I found my current job

The initial contact with ams was made during my studies. Some of my current colleagues work as guest lecturers at FH JOANNEUM. This brought me to the topic of my Master’s thesis with ams and I was able to begin full-time employment with them straight after finishing my studies.

What I learned for this job during my studies

Things from different fields: time management, interacting with people from all over the world and of course, the technical fundamentals for my daily work.

Job prospects in my field

The semiconductor industry offers a wide range of jobs. The Internet of Things in particular provides electronics engineers with the chance to help design our future. Graduates in this field are in great demand – the opportunities could not be any better.

I am

  • curious
  • passionate about detail
  • optimistic

About my job

It’s great that we have a global player in the high-tech sector here in Styria in the form of ams. There is an atmosphere of learning and sharing among colleagues. I very much appreciate the good collaboration and exchange of knowledge with experts across the world. I think the most important thing is to pursue goals with consistency and not be resigned to the status quo.