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Global Business Program

Global Business Program

The Global Business Program provides incoming students with a wide variety of seminars and lectures in the field of International Business taught by distinguished international faculty. The fascinating experience of the Global Business Program originates from the big diversity of both the professors and the participating students.


The academic program enables all participants to enter into discussions with colleagues from different cultural, political, social and academic backgrounds. Thus, the Global Business Program is a unique opportunity for all participants to obtain and further develop cross-cultural competences while following a business course. Within the frame work of the bachelor degree program "International Management", the Institute of International Management has been offering more than 13 courses for our incoming students each term.

“Being part of a great program such as the GBP is always a wonderful experience for me. The contact with students from all over the world is inspiring, enriching and very fulfilling. Every time I face a new class, the feeling appears to last lifelong, since each student takes me deeply into his or her own cultural environment and life. For a lecturer with a basic focus on international marketing and consumer behavior this is the most beautiful possibility to enjoy lecturing and to feel strong positive bond and connectivity to all nations of the world."

Prof. Dr. Zeynep F. Bilgin, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

“If you’re thinking about coming to Graz, don’t think twice. Being an exchange student in this city is an adventure! You can find innumerous magical places that will make you think and live in a different way that you’re used to. The experience of meeting people from all around the world has changed me as a person, getting to know them and sharing important events and feelings and also breaking the existent language and cultural barriers are definitely a worthy experience as a student.”

Francisco Travassos, student from Portugal


In order to meet the specific needs of our incoming students, the Global Business Program has been designed especially for them. The Global Business Program is accessible for students of our partner universities and for our regular students.

In order to be admitted as an incoming student, the student has to be nominated officially by his or her home institution. For more information on that, please visit our website for incoming students.



The interactive curriculum of the Global Business Program will be available shortly. In the meantime, you can find all information on the current Global Business Program as a digital download below.