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Andreas, Benedikt and Daniel. Picture: FH JOANNEUM/private

EU4DUAL Student’s Council

Mag. Marion Velik,

Three FH JOANNEUM students are part of the EU4DUAL Alliance.

FH JOANNEUM has been involved in the EU4DUAL project for more than a year. As student involvement is an important part of EU4DUAL, the Student's Council was founded in November 2023. It consists of student representatives from the nine EU4DUAL universities, including three dual students from FH JOANNEUM. As the voice of all students, the Student's Council will meet regularly and advise the EU4UDAL committees. The Austrian representatives also have the honour of promoting EU4DUAL activities at FH JOANNEUM. All three are dual students of "Mobile Software Management" at FH JOANNEUM.

Read more about our representatives on the Student's Council here:

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Andreas Armanious is 25 years old and works as a frontend developer at smaXtec alongside his dual bachelor's degree. As he is very interested in mobile applications, his dream is to later found his own IT company with an innovative app idea. In general, he is passionate about all kinds of computer hardware and software and the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and software design & IT architecture. "I want to join EDU4DUAL because I really enjoy my dual study programme. I'm a big fan of the dual study system and I want to work with all the project partners and look for ways to improve this system even further," says Andreas about the motivations behind his Student's Council membership.

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Benedikt Schmatz is 22 years young and has been studying "Mobile Software Development" on a dual study programme since 2022. He has also been working as a software developer at Fraiss IT since summer 2023. Why is he involved in the Student Council? "I am particularly interested in the EU4DUAL Student's Council because I firmly believe in the innovative potential of dual study programmes. I think that study programmes like mine are a good and innovative way of learning. Through the mix of academic training and practical work experience, I am convinced that this model offers a much more efficient and practical approach to learning compared to traditional study methods," says Benedikt Schmatz.

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26-year-old Daniel Zarnhofer is studying "Mobile Software Development" in his third semester and likes the idea of going beyond the traditional academic framework: "For me, the Student's Council is an exciting platform that fulfils my desire to get in touch with like-minded people and broaden my horizons."

We wish Andreas, Benedikt and Daniel every success and exciting experiences in the Student's Council!