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Studying for a Bachelor’s degree at FH JOANNEUM

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FH JOANNEUM offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degree programmes. Those interested in studying in Graz, Kapfenberg or Bad Gleichenberg surely have lots of questions that need to be answered. In the following we give you an overview of the key facts about studying for a Bachelor’s degree at FH JOANNEUM.

Important information for applicants and prospective students: FH JOANNEUM is not currently conducting face-to-face course guidance interviews, but offers virtual course guidance instead. You can use this service by calling our info hotline from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00, and on Friday from 9:00 to 14:00. You can also obtain information by sending an email, and we will also be happy to answer your questions via our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Regularly check our website for current information and updates.

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University of applied sciences (FH) or university? What's the difference?

As the name suggests, universities of applied sciences offer a scientifically grounded and practice-oriented university education. A degree from a university of applied sciences is equivalent to a university degree. Read more about the differences between a FH and a university here.

Which Bachelor's degree programmes are offered by FH JOANNEUM?

A Bachelor's degree is the key to a successful career. We offer Bachelor's degree programmes in the areas of Applied Computer Sciences; Building, Energy & Society; Engineering; Health Studies; Management; and Media & Design. Here is an overview of all our Bachelor's degree programmes. Our Study Finder will help you to find the right course for you.

The FH JOANNEUM Bachelor's degree programmes: full-time, part-time and co-op

The FH JOANNEUM Bachelor's degree programmes are offered on a full-time, part-time and co-op basis. Each of these modes of study has its advantages and disadvantages. Read this blog post to learn more about studying full-time. Studying on a co-op programme means you will split your time between FH JOANNEUM and your training company. A part-time degree programme can in most cases be combined with a full-time job.

What is the duration of a Bachelor's degree programme at FH JOANNEUM?

The duration of a Bachelor's degree programme at FH JOANNEUM is three years, divided into six semesters. The course units are taught during the week or at weekends, depending on the mode of study (full-time, part-time, co-op). Consult the web pages of the individual programmes to see which route they offer.

What are the requirements for admission to a Bachelor's degree programme?

To apply for a place at FH JOANNEUM, you must meet one of the following admission requirements:
* secondary school leaving certificate (AHS - academic secondary school or BHS - vocational secondary school)
* vocational matriculation exam or relevant university entrance exam
* relevant professional qualifications plus additional examinations
* completion of the qualification course for university entrance at FH JOANNEUM

The detailed requirements can be found on the web pages of the individual Bachelor's degree programmes.

Studying without a secondary school leaving certificate? Sure!

If you have no secondary school leaving or vocational matriculation certificate you will need a relevant professional qualification (plus additional exams) or complete a university entrance exam to enrol on a Bachelor's degree programme at FH JOANNEUM.

  • If you have a relevant professional qualification you can acquire the knowledge necessary for the additional exams through self-study and then take these exams either at FH JOANNEUM and/or other universities and educational institutions, depending on the subject. You can also complete the qualification course for university entrance at FH JOANNEUM and then take the additional exams. Please note: There is an application deadline for the qualification course for university entrance (for 2020: 15 June 2020). The course starts on 1 September 2020.
  • FH JOANNEUM does not conduct university entrance exams. However, you can take the exam at other universities or educational institutions. Relevant professional qualifications include for example completion of an apprenticeship or a medium-level vocational school. Examples can be found on the web pages of the individual degree programmes.

Details on the admission requirements can be found on the web pages of the individual degree programmes here.

Can I start studying while attending the qualification course for university entrance?

The university entrance qualification is a prerequisite for studying. You must therefore have completed the qualification course for university entrance before you start your studies. All information about the qualification course for university entrance can be found here.

What are the application deadlines for Bachelor's degree programmes?

FH JOANNEUM generally conducts three application rounds each year: spring, summer and autumn. You can submit your application by the respective application deadline. Please note: not all degree programmes conduct all three application rounds. The application deadlines for the individual Bachelor's degree programmes can be found on their respective web pages. Different regulations apply to non-EU citizens. For more information on this, please consult the "International Applicants" section on the relevant programme web page.

How do I apply for a Bachelor's degree programme?

If you meet the requirements you can apply for the degree programme of your choice. Check out our blog for helpful tips on application and the admissions process. Details on the application process can be found on the web page of the respective degree programme.

What is the written assessment test?

All applicants who meet the formal requirements are invited to attend a written assessment test. Don't be afraid of the test. The Bachelor's degree programmes provide detailed information, including example questions and sample tests, in the "Admissions Procedure" section of their respective web pages.

How is the personal admissions interview conducted? Here are some tips for you.

Every applicant who takes an assessment test is also invited to a personal interview. The interview takes place on the day of the assessment test or shortly afterwards. The interview will be conducted with the head of degree programme and one of the lecturers of the Institute. It lasts around 20 minutes. Here are some tips for you.

Can I apply for more than one Bachelor's degree programme?

You can apply for only one degree programme. Applicants who have not received confirmation of a place on the programme of their choice (rejection or place on waiting list) can apply for another degree programme at the next possible date. You can apply for the same degree programme in the following academic year. Suppose, for example, you are interested in Dietetics and Nutrition and in Occupational Therapy. Since these two degree programmes conduct only one application round in spring, you cannot apply for both programmes simultaneously. You can apply for two different degree programmes in different application rounds, provided that your first application has been rejected.

You did not pass your secondary school leaving exam the first time around and have a re-examination in autumn? You can still apply with us.

You can start the Bachelor's degree programme to which you have been admitted and submit proof of university entrance qualification until 1 November 2020. If you do not pass the secondary school leaving exam in your second attempt, you cannot continue your studies.

Can I have relevant prior qualifications recognised?

Relevant prior qualifications such as completion of an apprenticeship, a medium-level vocational school or college will be evaluated and, if applicable, approved by the head of degree programme following submission and assessment of the application documents.


You have already studied several semesters at another university and would like to transfer to FH JOANNEUM? This is possible. The head of degree programme will decide whether and which of the subjects you have completed can be credited towards the course.

What options are there after completing a Bachelor's degree?

Graduates of a Bachelor's degree programme have a wide range of career opportunities open to them. Another option is to study for a Master's degree. FH JOANNEUM offers a wide range of Master's degree programmes, but of course you are free to do your Master's at any other university.


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