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Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

Our Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) addresses the topic of Sustainable Computing. The overall aim was to create an interdisciplinary enabling space for the future by covering topics such as Mobile App Development, Data Analytics and Green Computing.

Why did we decide to host a BIP? Well, participating in a BIP supports you to

  • Work together with students from different European universities
  • Have fun participating in diverse social activities
  • Discover new ways of thinking
  • Explore new dimensions in your area of expertise and interest
  • Dive into an international setting
  • Develop a multicultural perspective

The physical week and social programme took place from May, 8th to May, 12th at Campus Kapfenberg.

Before that we kicked off several online meetings which covered a wide range of topics related to green computing. This was supported on site by field trips, a business plan idea competition and our moment event.

What students think about our BIP?

Flexibility: Blended intensive programs usually offer a mix of online and in-person learning, providing students with flexibility in terms of when and where they study.

Interactive Learning: Blended programs often incorporate a combination of virtual lectures, online discussions, and in-person workshops or practical sessions. Students value the opportunity to engage in interactive learning activities, which can enhance their understanding of the subject matter and promote active participation.

Enhanced Collaboration: The blended format encourages collaboration among students through online discussion boards, group projects, and in-person interactions. Students often find value in working together, exchanging ideas, and learning from their peers’ diverse perspectives.

What students say about our BIP?

“I enjoyed the content completely, days were full with many interesting activities. I liked the most working in a team while creating a mobile app, attending presentations about various topics and the feeling of being appreciated as everybody in the whole BIP programme group.”

“[…] Yes, I would certainly participate in a BIP programme again. I have met many new people, visited a foreign country and experienced a different environment while having learned plenty”

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