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Master's Thesis | Sound Design

Changing the Difficulty of Video Games through Sound Design

Digitale Erweiterung einer Kunstausstellung 22

© FH JOANNEUM / Sound Design

Due to the interactive component of video games, one of the central points of the design is the difficulty level. Once the focus was on making as much money as possible at the arcade machines or artificially stretching short games. Nowadays, more attention is paid to creating the best possible gaming experience, be it through a high, lower or balanced difficulty level.

The result of this master thesis is a video game that conveys important information through the auditory elements without overloading the graphical interface. The well elaborated sound design not only influences the perception of the story, but also allows for automatically picking up various hints like warning sounds. This makes game mechanics clearer, easier to learn and also enhances the general gaming performance.

Digitale Erweiterung einer Kunstausstellung 21

© FH JOANNEUM / Sound Design

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© FH JOANNEUM / Sound Design

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