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The tattoo as a medium in art and culture

Das Tattoo als Medium in Kunst und Kultur 5

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The tattoo industry – a fast-growing branch of art within its own scene – is becoming increasingly popular. The demand is unbroken and goes hand in hand with a cultural change from the extraordinary – almost strange – to the quite normal: mainstream.
The aim of this master’s thesis is to trace the development of tattooing in the context of topics such as “body adornment and art history”, “development and recognition”, “cross-class (self-)perception” and “the development of the understanding of art and its own art scene” and to argue for the revolutionary position it has developed from a subcultural movement to an art scene. In the practical part of the master’s thesis, the author shows the development of a corporate design for a tattoo store and describes the process it takes to develop a unique look, focusing on traditional techniques.

Das Tattoo als Medium in Kunst und Kultur 2

© FH JOANNEUM / Media Design

Das Tattoo als Medium in Kunst und Kultur 1

© FH JOANNEUM / Media Design

Photo: © FH JOANNEUM / Media Design

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