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Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Isolated ideas

How does human perception change in isolation?
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The starting point of this bachelor’s thesis is the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and its perception using mass media phenomena. Everything we know, we know through the media. As a result, the media have a lasting impact on people, their thoughts and actions. The isolation creates a new digital normality that represents an extension of human communication processes.

With the help of personal observation, the authors describe and illustrate subjective experiences in dealing with these virtual spaces. Using several examples of creative work in relation to COVID-19, this bachelor’s thesis shows that creative professionals can work very well in isolation and that this new life situation can be a resource for ideas and design. Nevertheless, the importance of social contact emerges from this work. The project “isolated ideas”, which was founded by the authors of this work and serves as empirical research, underlines these statements.

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