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Master's Thesis | Interaction Design


The design of a product that promotes the conscious use of the smartphone.
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The aim of this master’s thesis is the design of a product which supports the conscious use of smartphones. In the theoretical part of the thesis, various scientific studies are used in order to demonstrate that excessive media use has a negative effect on child development and behaviour. In order to define requirements for the product, user groups and existing apps are subsequently analyzed. A concept is then developed and a prototype is created through the use of various design methods.

The result is the Tody system, which consists of a product that is coupled with an app. The app shows the temporal smartphone usage of each family member. Parents can create challenges to motivate their children, as well as choose a reward. In order to fulfill a challenge, a predefined number of points must be reached. Points can be gained by not using a smartphone, however points are also deducted when a smartphone is used. This product provides support and facilitates smartphone abstinence. In addition, Tody encourages self‒regulation and promotes communication within the family.

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Inclusion and Personalization (Copy)
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