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With lots of love. A cookbook

A collection of happy taste memories
Running out of time (Copy) 1

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This thesis aims to be an invitation to re‒fall in love with food and the magic it is surrounded by, following it into a joyful world of memories, intimacy and warmth—no matter whether one believes to know how to cook or not. The analysis of the meaning of cooking and food in context of our biology, culture, psychology and in general, our humanity, desires to provide a new perspective on ourselves and our relationship with food and its preparation. It strives to help uncouple misleading and often simply false perceptions of food and eating and helps to consequently rediscover the joy of eating and cooking by examining its connections with our own physicality and psyche.

The cook book that emerged from the work on this topic is a collection of recipes by friends and family and their stories and memories connected with these dishes. The chosen recipes are deliberately easy to make and can be recreated without any great effort or costs and aims to be a encouragement to give cooking another chance—in the hope that life may become a little richer in the simple and beautiful moments.

Running out of time (Copy)

Therese Marsoner © FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

Running out of time (Copy) 2

Therese Marsoner © FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

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