Master's Thesis | Media Design

Art the fact?


The graphic implementation of information and content is an essential part of communication design and takes place in all applications across all sectors. Graphic support is also useful in the context of art and culture so that interested parties can quickly and effectively absorb the information they need. The visual and media-specific conception of graphics and their guiding function is especially important for events with diverse programs and long playing times.

This master’s thesis is dedicated to the described requirements using the Graz art festival steirischer herbst as an example. In the theoretical part of the master’s thesis, various creative presentations of steirischer herbst are compared with each other and analysed in terms of media‒theoretical approaches. On the basis of the visual analysis and interviews with those responsible for the festival, a redesign of the examined media is presented in the practical part. The redesign is to take up the findings of the preceding steps and bring them together in a coherent visualisation.

Photo: © Media Design