Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Displays

Possibilities, Limitations, and Helpful Resources to Consider when Designing an Augmented Reality Application

Augmented-Reality-Headsets 1

The technology behind Augmented Reality capable head-mounted displays is on the verge of becoming mainstream and evolving how users consume digital media. Technicians, developers, and designers are in an ongoing exploration into this medium as the capabilities of new devices increase steadily.

This Bachelor’s Thesis focused solely on head-mounted displays for Augmented Reality combines some of the knowledge available to a thesis that answers what is important when getting started to create and design for this technology. Differentiating in some fields from classic design and screen design while others show many similarities, designing for Augmented Reality is a new challenge expanding the design process into the third dimension. Furthermore, the topics of brainstorming, user experience, visual design, prototyping, and usability testing answer many questions that are necessary to design an augmented reality application.