Master's Thesis | Sound Design

Commodore 64 – Music and sound in retro games

Commodore 64 | Musik und Sounddesign in Retro‒Games 1

How can you compose a retro computer game soundtrack based on the 8‒bit system of the Commodore 64? Through the work on a new dubbing of the game Last Ninja 2, using the DAW Cubase and the tracker software DefleMask, it transpired that the subtleties and limitations of the C64 inherent Sound Interface Device (SID) sound chip are more clearly revealed with the tracker software, and the mode of operation reveals the restrictions of the chip better. The advantages of emulating the entirety of the sound chip, compared to the individual instruments or waveforms, are equally audible and allow the tracker to imitate the sound of an original Commodore 64 more effectively.