Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Creation and Production of the Film Music for Natal

Entstehung und Produktion der Filmmusik zu Natal 2

This Bachelor’s Thesis describes the entire process of developing and creating a film score. Using the film Natal as an example, it is shown how this process can take place so that a harmonious and dramaturgically coherent film score is created, taking into account all the characteristics and features of the film. Starting with the initial discussion with the director and the joint elaboration of the film‘s story to the final composition and its mix and master, the entire development of the music and the sound design is described.

In addition, the author of the Bachelor’s Thesis deals with the organizational and technical implementation of the audio recordings necessary for the final product. This includes the midifiles transcribed into a score, the sound engineering, the recording management, and the technical as well as acoustic set-up of a mobile control room. The outcome of the Bachelor’s Thesis are pieces of music recorded with an ensemble, which, supplemented by sound design, provide the complete auditory component of the film.