Digital Job Onboarding

Digital Job Onboarding

Due to the strong digital transformation of our working life over the past two years, home office and online meetings are no longer novelties. Many companies seek to hire employees having a profound digital skillset. However, not all school leavers or unemployed young people have received appropriate training when it comes to digitalization. The project Digital Job Onboarding aims to change this development.

For many of us, working life has dramatically changed in recent years. Digital work has become an integral part of everyday professional life since the start of the pandemic. Many companies have thus started to prepare their employees for this digital transformation by means of special training.

Young unemployed people and school leavers, those who are in the transition to the world of work and who are not embedded in a supportive institutional framework, are usually unable to develop the necessary digital skills. However, there are often a prerequisite to land a job.

The Digital Job Onboarding project aims to close this gap by giving in young unemployed people without an academic the chance to develop in this field. The aims of the project are threefold:

  • Analysing the current digital working life and the current situation at work
  • stressing the needs of employers and employees
  • generating a training program

Future course participants receive the opportunity to gain competences in the areas of sustainability and the digital labour market. The resulting courses are particularly designed for unemployed people aged between 18 to 25 and do consist of five modules.

These five modules are:

  • Digital Tools
  • New forms of work and work organisation
  • Personal working life
  • Professional social responsibility in social media
  • Security aspects

At the end of the project, a 10-week training for unemployed young people will be implemented for 10 hours per week via an e-learning platform.

Further information on the project is available on the project website