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Discoveries at home

About the development of a map

Entdeckungen daheim

This bachelor’s thesis was written in 2020, the year in which many trips were cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In exchange, there was more time for exploring the surrounding area – a fact that inspired the workpiece and this bachelor’s thesis.

The author’s aim was to examine how to design a map created for a specific region and to animate the locals to rediscover their nearby environment from a different angle. The author included the local population in the process of creating the map. Cultural probes, a focus group, and a questionnaire went into the final design. Different cartographic and visual approaches were evaluated. Special emphasis was laid on selecting the displayed section on the map, illustrating vegetation and single objects as well as incorporating narrative components. The result is a map which intertwines local stories with the landscape and invites the local population to a physical and emotional journey of discovery within their home region.