Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Fear of the Blank Page

Finding Ideas and Creativity Techniques for (Un)creative People

Angst vor dem weißen Blatt 3

Almost all creative professionals have experienced it at least once in their lives: An assignment requires a brilliant idea, but they just cannot think of anything. The blank screen on the computer progressively becomes intimidating, and fear of the blank page sets in.

People in the creative field are under immense pressure to generate innovative ideas and solutions. Unfortunately, there is a catch: flashes of inspiration cannot be forced – they originate exactly when they are least expected. Since self-doubt and fear of failure often arise in such situations, this Bachelor’s Thesis provides an overview of the phenomenon of creativity and analyzes all factors related to a creative way of working. For this purpose, additional techniques and methods for a creative ideation are explained by the author of the Bachelor’s Thesis.