Bachelor's thesis


Food photography

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Delicious looking photographs of food can be found using the popular hashtag

foodporn, especially on social media,

but not only online is food positioned perfectly in a scene. The aim of this thesis is to define the term food photography, as well as identify areas of use and types of applications. In addition the history of this photographic genre is described, from the beginnings to the present time. Furthermore, the most important basic principles of equipment and arrangement are specified and explained. The area of food styling is also briefly explored. In the practical section of this thesis, different styles of food photography are described and put into practice. In addition, the development process of shooting and editing photographs from different styles is documented and illustrated. Furthermore, additional styles and current trends are also presented. Interviews with selected people from the field of food photography provide a very personal look into their work and passion. Their opinions, advice, tips and trends are also collected and presented.