Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Humor me. About the effect of humor in social design

Humor me. Über die Wirkung von Humor in sozialem Design

Climate change and food insecurity are just two of the key issues of our time. We as humans have the chance and the possibility to protect and emancipate our society in order to shape it — but this often requires funding. This is where designers can make important contributions through creative and brave approaches. They can provide people with services that help them make donations to causes that support social change. Here it is important to approach serious topics with optimism and encourage engagement through innovative — and also courageous and humorous — design.

The author gives an overview of the possibilities and opportunities that the use of humor and interactive elements can create in the context of charitable giving. It discusses different approaches which can influence the willingness of young adults in donating to charities. The focus lies on the design of interactive and joyful applications that are fun to use.