Master's thesis

Im Zeitalter der Extreme – Demokratie im Widerstreit mit Diktaturen

Vorlage AUD Master (Copy)

Sandra Biondi discusses in her master's thesis how exhibitions have to be designed in order to be attractive for young people.

The development process of the travelling exhibition "Im Zeitalter der Extreme – Demokratie im Widerstreit mit Diktaturen" is documented in this master's thesis. It was part of a cooperation project of the Institute for Design & Communication FH JOANNEUM and the ARGE Jugend gegen Gewalt und Rassismus that ran from November 2017 until June 2018. It explores the question which aspects should be taken into account in the conceptual development of an exhibition for young people in order to meet the target group ́s specific needs and expectations in terms of content and design. The exhibition concept was developed and implemented under the supervision of Erika Thümmel in cooperation with Cara Mielzarek.