LL2II – Learning of Local Bodies to Integrate Immigrants


The Europe 2020 strategy fully recognizes the potential of migration for building a competitive and sustainable economy and they set out as a clear political objective, the effective integration of legal migrants. Effective solutions to cope with integration challenges must be found in each national and local context. The EU is promoting European cooperation to develop common approaches and exchange information at EU level.

The EU 2020 harnesses the lifelong learning with innovate education and training practices and ICT tools also for the policies mentioned above. Only in 2012, 6,1 million people immigrated/emigrated to/from one of the 27 EU Member States, which was 5,5 million in 2011. Irregular migration is increasing in Europe like Turkey’s situation from Syrian immigrants since 2011. Local actors have a vital role in the integration process.

The objectives:
  • Collection of EU good practices about integration of migrants
  • Developing & adapting training & learning materials for immigrant operators/NGOs, local bodies to build an international cross-border learning
  • Enhancing the quality & competent education of immigrant operators/NGOs, local authorities
  • Developing an open learning platform in diverse languages containing guidance, learning resources, training materials, good practices, tools, networks, applications
  • Facilitation of international roundtables for learning from experiences, best practice exchanges among cross-actors
  • Increase awareness of IT importance for transnational knowledge
  • Raise awareness & support of EU authorities for immigrant policies

The partnership consists of 7 partners (representatives of local bodies, NGOs, training & consulting companies, universities) from 5 EU countries. They were chosen due to their extensive knowledge and experiences on immigrants, diversity issues, large networks in related fields, IT skills and experience in international projects. The geographical location of the partners was strategically chosen in order to maximize EU coverage.

Project Partners: