Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design


How to: Visual Merchandising. (Copy) 9

This bachelor’s thesis explores the photographic project ‘Paradies’, which was created as part of this bachelor’s thesis, from a theoretical perspective. The bachelor’s thesis explains the meaning of paradise and its use in different contexts. The characteristics of photography as a sign are explored, with a particular emphasis on discussing the indexical relationship and breaking the index through digitisation.

The bachelor’s thesis also discusses ‘das neue Sehen’ (the new way of seeing) as a pioneering concept of creative photography and applies the possibilities of designing photography according to Otto Steinert’s principles of subjective photography. As a continuation of this discourse of photography as a creative medium, the concept of Concrete Photography by Gottfried Jäger is explored. The author’s own views on photography and own thoughts about the project ‘Paradies’ are discussed. The result of this project is a self-designed artist’s book.