Master's Thesis | Sound Design

Personal Sound Branding

Personal Sound Branding 1

This master’s thesis deals with the creation of a sound design concept for the personal 3D animations of Marie Dokter. The sound design concept was made to emphasise her personal brand. For a deep understanding of her images an interview is made with Marie Dokter. The images are analytically broken up into pieces which enables a structural differentiation for the sound design concept. The sound design concept‘s final form is executed in a stem pack. An audio style guide is created for an accurate use of the stems.

A usability testing with Marie Dokter and an audio expert evaluates their status of usability. The results show that the idea basically works, but there are some issues to be fixed before stem pack and audio style guide can be easily used on a daily basis. Hence the status of the stem pack and the audio style guide can be seen as prototypes.

Photo: © Sound Design / Elisabeth Hacker