Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Corporate entrepreneurship can be seen as the sum of a company´s innovation, venturing and renewal efforts. Corporate entrepreneurship would not work, unless there are entrepreneurially-thinking employees - so called intrapreneurs. A holistic approach of the SCOPE project will assure that companies and their employees can benefit from the project outcomes and intrapreneurship can be established efficiently.

Innovation and new business development can be initiated by independent individuals or by existing enterprises. The first is referred to as (independent) entrepreneurship, the latter as corporate entrepreneurship. Many initiatives exist that are fostering entrepreneurship, while corporate entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship) is still not the focus of most programme initiatives.

A holistic approach of the SCOPE project will assure that companies and their employees can benefit from the project and intrapreneurship can be established more efficiently. Newly developed and innovative competence matrices for managers and for employees/students and an easy-to-use ex-ante gap analysis tool for managers will offer added value to the European company and training provider landscape.

Additionally, standardized employee incentive models for companies fostering intrapreneurship, which will be developed within the project, are missing in the European Education landscape.

The overall project objectives are:
  • To foster innovativeness and company growth in European companies
  • To establish intrapreneurial structures in companies
  • To enhance the employability and intrapreneurial skills of employees
Specific objectives are:
  • Identification of specific sub-competences constituting the general competences of intrapreneurship and identification of corporate needs in each of the sub-competences on employee and management levels
  • Development/Improvement of employee competences in companies in the area of intrapreneurship through a tailor made training programme
  • Identification and Analysis of European good practice models on intrapreneurship mechanisms, corporate frameworks and support systems as well as incentive schemes
  • Development/Improvement of manager’s competences in the field of intrapreneurship and intrapreneurship support through a tailor made training programme
  • Provision of a self-auditing tool for companies on corporate readiness for intrapreneurship and intrapreneurial friendliness
  • Setting up of a sustainability plan for future provision of intrapreneurship training after the project end and establishing a framework to embed the developed trainings in the ECVET system.
The Intellectual Outputs of the project are:
  1. Corporate entrepreneurship good practice catalogue
  2. Corporate entrepreneurship competence matrix for managers and employees/students
  3. Training programme for managers and employees/students
  4. E-Learning platform
  5. Guide book
Target audience:
  1. Managers of medium- and large sized enterprises.
  2. Employees of medium- and large sized enterprises.
  3. Students of universities
Project Partners:

Campus 02, Graz Link
Incoma, Seville Link
EUSA, Seville Link
DIMITRA Education & Consulting, Larissa Link
University of Thessaly, Volos; ECQ Ltd., Sofia Link
Burgas Free University, Brugas Link


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